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Cutting edge flow and photochemistry on show in Budapest


Date: 27 May 2014 | Category: News

Two of the world’s leading flow chemistry systems as well as the latest addition to the field of photochemistry technology will be on show at Chemspec Europe on 18-19 June and IMRET (Conference on Microreaction Technology) 23-25 June. Both events take place in Budapest, Hungary…

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Anti-malarial drug breakthrough


Date: 23 May 2014 | Categories: Headline News, News

Scientists at the Max Planck institute have unveiled a breakthrough synthesis method for the drug Artimesinin that could make effective malaria treatment affordable for > 200 million worldwide sufferers.

The synthesis uses a Vapourtec flow chemistry system and a photo reactor.

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Sun shines on Vapourtec R-Series down under

high intensity UV light reactor

Date: 02 April 2014 | Categories: Headline News, News

Vapourtec’s R-Series flow chemistry system has played its part in another significant breakthrough with the development in Australia of a brand new sun cream based on mimicking the natural protection to sunlight created by coral in the Great Barrier Reef.

Vapourtec R-Series sales top 200


Date: 17 February 2014 | Category: News

Chemistry engineering specialists Vapourtec (Suffolk, UK) has seen its flagship R-Series flow chemistry system reach a notable milestone with global sales recently reaching the 200 mark. The R-Series has a wide range of applications and is already used around the world by many major companies including BP, Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi, Novartis and Johnson & Johnson.

Vapourtec keeps it cool with patented Cooled Reactor system

high intensity UV light reactor

Date: 12 December 2013 | Category: News

The patented Cooled Reactor system, developed by Vapourtec (Suffolk, UK) and launched in 2010, is continuing to play a key role in major flow chemistry research breakthroughs.

Recently cited in an important research paper “Continuous flow-processing of organometallic reagents …

Vapourtec displays bigger picture

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Date: 12 November 2013 | Category: News

Suffolk (UK) based flow chemistry specialists Vapourtec has recently enhanced its popular R-series and E-series systems with an enlarged touch screen and the capability for remote networking.

The new look touch screen has increased in size from 8.4″ to 10.4″, a 50% increase in…

Ten up for Vapourtec

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Date: 11 November 2013 | Category: News

Bury St Edmunds based Vapourtec has reached the twin milestones of 10 years in business and being featured in 100 peer reviewed publications.

Vapourtec design and manufacture flow chemistry systems for a wide variety of sectors across the globe including education, pharmaceuti…

Vapourtec publishes flow chemistry guide

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Date: 07 October 2013 | Category: News

Suffolk (UK) based Vapourtec has partnered up with Dr Nicholas Leadbeater and the New Synthetic Methods Group at the University of Connecticut (USA) to produce a new guide entitled “An Introduction to Flow Chemistry – A Practical Laboratory Course”. Aimed principally at undergraduate teaching laboratories within colleges and universities, but also a great asset to the research lab, the 100 page manual details a set of ten continuous-flow processing experiments, each of which can be easily delivered in conjunction with Vapourtec’s E-series flow unit during a regular lab period.

Vapourtec pump key to organometallic process at Professor Steven Ley group (Cambridge, UK)

high intensity UV light reactor

Date: 06 September 2013 | Category: News

A recent academic paper published in the journal Organic Process Research and Development by the Group of Professor Steven V. Ley, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (UK) outlines a possible breakthrough for the manufacture of breast cancer drug Tamoxifen involving flow chemistry technology developed by UK specialist chemical engineering firm Vapourtec.

Ionic liquid synthesis


Date: 28 March 2012 | Category: News

Synthesis of some Ionic Liquids (ILs) is challenging and costly because of the extremely exothermic nature of the synthesis and the change in viscosuity during the synthesis.

Vapourtec Asia office now open

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Date: 30 March 2011 | Category: News

March 2011
The Vapourtec office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is now open for business.

Contact details are as shown below.

[email protected]



Vapourtec ltd
Suite A-8-2, Bloc…

Vapourtec to move to new premises


Date: 24 March 2010 | Category: News

March 2010 – Vapourtec Announce Relocation
After three consecutive years of doubling output, Vapourtec can no longer fit in the current location, and will shortly be moving to larger, more suitable premises on the award winning Park Farm Business Centre near Bury St Edmunds.The …

Vapourtec installs 50th system

high intensity UV light reactor

Date: 22 July 2009 | Category: News

July 2009

Vapourtec recently installed their 50th R-Series flow chemistry system.

There are now Vapourtec systems in use or planned in UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, USA, Canada and Australia, both in academic and industrial labs.

But Vapourtec are stil…

Vapourtec launches R-Series in USA

high intensity UV light reactor

Date: 22 June 2009 | Category: News

Starting Q2 of 2009, Vapourtec have been expanding into the USA.

A major part of this move has been the appointment of Northeast Technical Services (NTS) as field service agents for the North East region.

Duncan Guthrie, Managing Director of Vapourtec, explains

“Until no…