CSTR Flow reactor features

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Features of the CSTR Flow reactor

  • Enables cascades of CSTR’s
  • Cascade of up to 8 reactors on an R-Series system
  • Perfect for flow reactions involving solids
  • Compatible with E-Series and R-Series systems
  • 5 ml to 40 ml volume per CSTR
  • Pressurised reactions up to 5.0 bar
  • Built in burst disc and optional protective screen
  • Ability to heat and cool the reactor -10°C to +150°C
  • Stirrer speeds selectable from 100 rpm to 1200 rpm
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble, leak-free operation
  • Wetted materials Glass, PTFE, PFA, Kalrez
  • Option for photochemical CSTR 365 nm to 650 nm LED light sources



CSTR residence time cascade

Enables cascades of CSTR’s

When two or more CSTR’s are operated in series as a cascade the behaviour can approach that of a plug flow reactor (PFR). This enables continuous flow reactions with controlled residence time distribution and reduced back mixing when compared with a batch reactor. The Vapourtec modular CSTR can be configured in a cascade of up to 8 on an R-Series system and a cascade of 2 on each E-Series system. An additional benefit of using CSTR’s is to access larger reactor volumes in the case of R-Series up to 320ml allowing higher throughputs and or longer residence times




Flow reactions involving solids

CSTR’s are significantly more tolerant of solids than plug flow reactors (PFR) and micro chip reactors enabling processes involving:

  • Crystallisations
  • Heterogeneous catalysts
  • Inorganic bases
  • Insoluble intermediates
  • Nanoparticle formation



Pressurised reactions to 5.0 bar

Operation under pressure increases the range of reactions possible including:

  • Reactions at temperatures greater than reflux
  • Gas-liquid reactions
  • Gas-liquid-solid reactions

The Vapourtec CSTR is designed with the importance of safety as a core requirement. Safety features include a burst disk and an optional safety screen which is recommended for all pressurised reactions.





Heat cool and stir

A broad operational temperature range between -10oC and +150oC allows a wide range of chemical reactions to be undertaken. This same versatility is enabled by stirring speeds selectable between 100 rpm and 1200 rpm.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Feedback from chemists has ensured the Vapourtec CSTR is easily and quickly dismantled for cleaning or loading with catalyst. The CSTR is manufactured from chemically inert materials, glass, PTFE, PFA and Kalrez ensuring a long trouble free life.



Vapourtec E-series with photochemical-2-black-LED-CSTRs

Photochemical CSTR option

An LED light source is now available. This enables the Vapourtec CSTR to undertake reagentless photochemical reactions. LED wavelengths between 365 nm and 650 nm are available for the photochemical CSTR.

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