What is Flow Chemistry?

At Vapourtec, we develop and manufacture world-class flow chemistry equipment.

Flow chemistry combines chemicals and controls their reaction in a continuously flowing stream. It’s quicker, safer, more efficient – and easier to control, analyse and scale – than traditional batch chemistry.

We’ve installed over 860 flow chemistry systems in 23 countries and our equipment has been cited by scientists in over 1148 peer reviewed publications.

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Take your E-Series system to the next level with state-of-the-art automation software

Vapourtec's E-Series automation software enhances the E-Series flow chemistry system with touchscreen technology for automated reactions, machine learning support, and integration of external equipment. Key features include data logging, schematic editing, and real-time data graphing, providing advanced control and flexibility for laboratory applications.Read more »

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Vapourtec Peptide-ExplorerLT

Vapourtec launches compact and flexible Peptide-ExplorerLT peptide synthesizer

Vapourtec is excited to present the Peptide-ExplorerLT aimed at chemists looking to explore and optimise linear peptide synthesis. The new system, which produces the same high-quality peptides as Vapourtec’s existing Peptide-Explorer launched in 2020, features a more compact footprint and is available at a lower price point.Read more »

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