RS-600 Multiple step reactions

RS-600-multiple step reaction system

Configuration Overview

The RS-600 is a multi pump, multi reactor system where telescoping reactions and multi step, multi treatment reactions can be performed with ease in an automated controlled manner. multiple reactor configurations coupled with precise pumping, logical software control with multiple feedback streams for analysis can deliver consistent results with excellent performance. Supplied with two R4 reactors, three R2C+ pump modules, R-Series software and autosampler. This system is used in industry and academia. Request a quote here

The RS-600 package contains:

  • Multiple step telescoped reactions.
  • Automated reagent loading and product collection.
  • Supplied with two R4 reactors, three R2C pump modules (6 independent pumps), autosampler, a wide range of reactors.
  • Vapourtec R-Series control software
  • Can be expanded up to 8 pumps
  • Options for inline analytical tools

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