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Vapourtec goes with the flow at India conference

Flow Chemistry Conference

Date: 05 September 2019 | Category: News

The fast growing profile across India and south Asia of continuous process technology will be in the spotlight at the forthcoming Flow Chemistry India 2019 conference (12th-13th September, Mumbai) with Vapourtec demonstrating a range of innovations through distributors Pi-Process…

Vapourtec leads the way in flow chemistry at ACS


Date: 30 August 2019 | Category: News

Vapourtec’s presence at the recent ACS National Meeting in San Diego proved successful with interest from agrochemical companies and a clear focus on the levels of safety built into their flow chemistry systems.

Dr Manuel Nuno of Vapourtec commented: “A number of our existin…

Vapourtec on show at San Diego ACS meeting

R-series flow chemistry system RS-300

Date: 20 August 2019 | Category: News

Flow chemistry engineering specialists Vapourtec will be showcasing a range of their innovative flow chemistry equipment at the forthcoming ACS (American Chemical Society) National Meeting in San Diego (August 25-29).

Headline News

2020 Vision for UV-150 Photochemistry Reactor


Date: 08 August 2019 | Categories: Headline News, News

Vapourtec’s pioneering UV-150 photochemical reactor has been enhanced with a number of significant advancements.

Improvements within the 2020 version of the UV-150 include an ability to use reactors  with internal diameters of up to 2.5mm, better solid handling and more.

Electrochemical pathway for intermolecular cross coupling


Date: 25 June 2019 | Category: News

At the end of 2018 Vapourtec launched the new Ion continuous flow electrochemical reactor. Since the launch Vapourtec is excited to have the opportunity of collaborating with a number of leading research groups interested to explore the potential offered by electrochemical reactions in continuous flow.

Spotlight on Vapourtec at Continuous Flow Technology IV conference


Date: 08 May 2019 | Category: News

Flow chemistry specialists Vapourtec will be in the spotlight at the forthcoming Continuous Flow Technology IV conference (14-16 May, Manchester) with several speakers set to cite their technologies and a range of world leading systems and pioneering reactors on show at their booth 9.

Vapourtec in full flow at Boston event

Ion R-Series

Date: 08 April 2019 | Category: News

Vapourtec will be exhibiting at the Scientific Update’s Flow chemistry and continuous processing conference held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Boston on the 8th and 9th April.

Vapourtec all set for Flow Chemistry Europe


Date: 22 February 2019 | Category: News

Vapourtec will be showcasing their continuous flow technology at this year’s Flow Chemistry Europe conference, to be held at the Welcome Genome Conference Centre in Hinxton near Cambridge (26th & 27th February).

At the event, the pioneering Vapourtec R-Series flow chemis…

Spotlight on Peptide Synthesis in Miami talk

FCS-Miami- Vapourtec

Date: 08 November 2018 | Category: News

Vapourtec MD and founder Duncan Guthrie will be taking to the stage to deliver a presentation about continuous flow Peptide Synthesis at the forthcoming 7th Flow Chemistry Congress in Miami, Florida (12-13 November).

Vapourtec will also be using the event to showcase and demonstrate their E-Series flow chemistry system, UV-150 photochemical reactor and the recently launched and well received Ion, a pioneering electrochemical reactor that will lead to more efficient, precise, consistent, and scalable electrochemical synthesis

Milan date for Alfatech and Vapourtec


Date: 06 November 2018 | Category: News

Vapourtec will be joining forces with Italian distributor Alfatech Spa to demonstrate the latest flow chemistry technologies at the forthcoming Continuous Flow Reactor Technology symposium in Milan (Nov 13th – 15th).

E-Series and SF-10 on show at Analytica China


Date: 30 October 2018 | Category: News

Vapourtec and Chinese distributors Tegent will be joining forces to showcase the pioneering E-Series flow chemistry system and SF-10 lab reagent pump at the upcoming Analytica China expo in Shanghai on 31 Oct-2 Nov.

Vapourtec in full flow at IMRET 2018


Date: 15 October 2018 | Category: News

Vapourtec will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2018 International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology (IMRET) in Karlsruhe, Germany on the 21st – 24th October.

Generating non-stabilised diazo compounds photochemically


Date: 10 October 2018 | Category: News

Here we present our latest application note: Synthesis of a pharmaceutical intermediate by cross-coupling with non-stabilised diazo compounds.
Aryl-alkyl cross-couplings represent one of the most important strategies available in synthesis. The use of continuous flow for aryl-alkyl cross-coupling has previously been mostly restricted to metal-catalysed methods; the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling, for example. This application note is based on a method published by Prof. Steven Ley and his group at the University of Cambridge, which uses a UV-150 continuous flow photochemical reactor, equipped with a 9 Watt,  310 nm low pressure mercury lamp to safely access highly reactive diazo compounds.

Read Vapourtec’s flow chemistry blog, “A Tube with a View”

Current control Electrochemistry Vapourtec Ion

Date: 13 September 2018 | Category: News

Current blog, “Controlling the electrons” discusses how the power of the Ion electrochemical reactor is controlled and what information it can give us. Next blog, “What’s brown, and highly corrosive?” available from Wednesday 26th September, describes using elemental bromine in continuous flow. The blog is updated every other Wednesday morning

Native chemical ligation – Photodesulfurization in flow


Date: 21 August 2018 | Category: News

In a recent publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Professor Richard Payne and his group at the University of Sydney have demonstrated a powerful flow technique for building long chain peptides, using the Vapourtec R-Series and a photochemical reactor.

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