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Take your E-Series system to the next level with state-of-the-art automation software


Date: 17 July 2024 | Categories: Headline News, News

Vapourtec’s E-Series automation software enhances the E-Series flow chemistry system with touchscreen technology for automated reactions, machine learning support, and integration of external equipment. Key features include data logging, schematic editing, and real-time data graphing, providing advanced control and flexibility for laboratory applications.

ACHEMA 2024 Round Up

Vapourtec exhibition stand at Achema 2024

Date: 27 June 2024 | Category: News

Once again, ACHEMA didn’t disappoint. This year, 2,842 exhibitors from 56 countries presented their products and services to 106,001 participants from 141 countries and we were proud to be among them. ACHEMA continues to be one of the largest events in the industry – at a mas…

Double breakthrough in the same week

ChemComm and OPR&D journal covers

Date: 24 June 2024 | Category: News

Two key publications released recently within the same week demonstrate the breadth and impact of recent innovative work within the field of flow chemistry.

The two papers demonstrate improvements within photochemistry and peptide synthesis utilising Vapourtec’s recently unv…

The rise of continuous flow biocatalysis

Enzymatic reaction - biocatalysis schematic

Date: 05 June 2024 | Category: News

Although the use of bioreactions within mainstream organic chemistry is established, translation into flow chemistry has been slower. However, in recent years there have been significant advances in the field of flow biocatalysis. In particular, enzyme immobilisation has allowed the development of column or ‘packed-bed’ reactors.

Our mini-review highlights a range of recently published enzyme-mediated transformations, where using flow mode often achieves higher yields, faster reaction rates, and better selectivity, as well as increased retention of enzyme activity when compared to the batch process.

Vapourtec attended ChemExpo India 2024

Ali Deuchars and the Pi-Process team at ChemExpo India

Date: 30 April 2024 | Category: News

Our Distributor Manager Ali Deuchars had a worthwhile trip to Mumbai, India last week, attending ChemExpo India 2024 and visiting potential and existing customers in the area.

Continuous Flow Synthesis Enabling Reaction Discovery

Paper abstract picture

Date: 16 April 2024 | Category: News

We highly recommend a recent publication by the Baumann group and Ley group, reviewing the role flow chemistry can have in new reaction discovery compared to batch chemistry. This review focuses specifically on four types of chemical processes – photochemistry, electrochemistry, high temperature reactions, and reactive intermediate reactions – where continuous flow has led to the discovery of many new reactions and reactivity patterns.

Landmark installation for E-Series system

Production of an E-Series system

Date: 11 April 2024 | Category: News

Broadening flow chemistry horizons over the past decade, Vapourtec’s E-Series flow chemistry system has reached the notable landmark of 300 installations around the globe.
Firmly established over the last ten years as the leading entry-level flow chemistry system, the E-Series has also been pivotal in many key research breakthroughs, appearing in over 250 peer-reviewed publications.

A warm Vapourtec welcome for Keren!


Date: 12 March 2024 | Category: News

Keren Abecassis has recently joined the Vapourtec team after being appointed as Sales & Marketing Manager.

A PhD chemist with ten years of commercial experience, Keren has held global product management roles at Radleys and H.E.L Group and worked extensively with end users…

Expanding horizons with photochemical CSTR + LED module

Vapourtec E-series with photochemical-LED-CSTRs

Date: 02 February 2024 | Category: News

Vapourtec has introduced an LED module designed to enhance the capabilities of their recently launched CSTR (continuous stirred tank reactor) and increase the scope for new reactions.
The module allows the CSTR to undertake reagentless photochemical reactions and increases the s…

Chemistry teaching resource for flow chemistry goes online

flow chemistry teaching resource

Date: 27 January 2024 | Category: News

Vapourtec is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of its E-Series flow chemistry system by making a 100-page chemistry teaching resource freely available online.

Entitled ‘An Introduction to Flow Chemistry – A Practical Laboratory Course’, the PDF resource was compiled in 2014 by Professor Nicholas Leadbeater from the University of Connecticut and features nine different reactions designed to fit within a three-hour practical lab session.

Photocatalysis challenges covered in article


Date: 09 January 2024 | Category: News

Dr Manuel Nuño of Vapourtec has co-authored an article entitled “Improving reproducibility of photocatalytic reactions—how to facilitate broad application of new methods” on

The feature, prepared in collaboration with Santiago Cañellas of Toledo-based Janssen-C…

Alfatech S.p.A to exhibit at the Italian flow chemistry symposium


Date: 16 November 2023 | Category: News

Vapourtec’s Italian distributors Alfatech S.p.A. are exhibiting at the Italian Flow Chemistry Symposium on 27th and 28th November at the Palazzo Greppi in Milan.

Alfatech S.p.A, has over 30 years’ experience of providing specialised laboratory equipment to pharmaceutical com…

Turning up the heat with SF-10+ lab pump

Vapourtec SF-10+ Lab pump

Date: 16 November 2023 | Categories: Headline News, News

The SF-10+ builds on the pump’s existing capabilities, already cited in many scientific breakthroughs since 2016, with enhanced temperature control and can be heated between ambient and 80 °C as well as allowing for the inlet and outlet tubes to be heated to the same temperatu…

New record for publications citing Vapourtec systems in 2023 Q3


Date: 06 November 2023 | Category: News

The impact of Vapourtec’s flow chemistry technologies continues to grow and grow with the third quarter of 2023 breaking records in terms of peer review publications citing Vapourtec systems.

A total of 42 citations within trusted scientific journals have been published in t…

Taking a stand for flowchem at Lab Innovations


Date: 13 October 2023 | Category: News

Vapourtec will be showcasing the very latest flow chemistry technologies at the forthcoming Lab Innovations exhibition (Nov 1-2, NEC Birmingham) including their variable bed flow reactor (VBFR) used in the rapidly growing sphere of peptide synthesis.

Joseph Poole and Ali Deuch…