RS-200 – Single reaction fully automated

RS-200 multiple pump flow chemistry system

Configuration Overview

The RS-200 is a versatile system with further room for expansion by being completely modular as with all R-Series systems. It includes automated control and is ideal for medicinal chemistry and process research groups.

The RS-200 package contains:

  • 1x Acid resistant R-series pump module
  • R-Series software
  • A range of reactors offering diverse conditions

R4 flow reactor heater


The RS-200 comes with a standard heated tube, standard heated column and high temperature tube reactor. As with all R-Series, the system is completely modular and can support the whole range of reactor types, all interchangeable in seconds. Other reactors can be found on the reactors page and include:

  • Heated or cooled
  • Tube or column
  • Regular or pre-mixing
  • Polymer, stainless steel or Cu / Ag / Zn tube reactors for catalysed reactions.
  • Gas / liquid reactor
  • UV-150 Photochemical reactor
  • Glass microchip reactors
  • Up to 4 reaction steps as standard

R2+ single flow chemistry pump module

Pump Modules

The RS-200 comes with one R2-C+ pump module as standard. There are a number of R-Series pumps displayed on the pumping modules page, each with its own advantage and capability for reactions and reagents. Additionally, more pumps can be added, allowing an R-Series system to utilise 2, 3 or 4 pumps simultaneously.

All pumps are simple, accurate and reliable, and with the correct pump, can carry out reactions using:

  • Large range of solvents
  • Volatile solvents
  • Highly reactive reagents (e.g. BuLi, DIBAL)
  • Strong acids
  • High pressure
  • Sample injection loops

All pump modules come with Vapourtec’s continuous monitoring system to ensure displayed flow rate is always accurate.


The RS-200 includes the R-Series software. Choose from simple push button front panel or easy to use touchscreen.

R-Series software will:

  • Automate the mundane tasks
  • Run a list of reactions unattended
  • Log, save and chart data
  • Display dispersion at output
  • Save reaction setup for later re-use or sharing
  • Export system diagrams for reports and publications
  • Includes tools for solvent boiling point calculation and materials compatibility

RS-300 multiple pump flow chemistry system

Expansion and customisation

The RS-200 is a relatively simple configuration, however it is still highly customisable. The R-Series can grow to suit your needs. Including the previous sections, the RS-200 can be expanded to include:

  • Extra pumps
  • More reactors
  • Fraction collector
  • Autosampler which can inject different reagents into each one of a list of automated unattended reactions
  • UV sensor (which can be used to trigger collection of product peaks)
  • Integration with METTLER TOLEDO FlowIR system (which can be used to trigger collection of product peaks)

All new developments are backwardly compatible, so even the oldest systems can accept all the latest capabilities and vise versa.

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