Acid resistant pump – Features


As an option Vapourtec offer the strong acid resistant  R2C module. The Vapourtec acid resistant pump system features some specially developed components. Capable of pumping at flow rates of 0.05 ml/min to 10 ml/min and pressures up to 42 bar.

This can be used to pump (for example) fuming nitric acid or concentrated sulphuric acid, and has been in use in industry doing exactly that since 2009.

This kind of chemical resistance applies to more than just nitrations. Butyl lithium, concentrated TFA and many other corrosive reagents can now be handled, opening up a range of hitherto inaccessible reactions.

This capability has been achieved without any compromise in performance. The acid resistant system offers the same flow rate, pressure and temperature performance as the original R Series.

All of the required tubing fittings and back pressure regulators to operate a fully acid resistant system are included.

  • Flow rate range of 0.05 ml/min to 10 ml/min
  • Pumping pressure up to 42bar
  • 2 pump channels per pumping module
  • Inert reagent delivery kit
  • Inert gas manifold kit
  • Full tubing kit in PFA
  • Plug and play with R-Series modules
  • Integration with acid resistant (R2C) and slurry pumping systems (R2S) and High pressure (R2P) modules.

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