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    European Photochemistry Association Newsletter

    Date: February 2020

    View and download the EPA newsletter – an overview of flow photochemistry using Vapourtec equipment.

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    Application note 62

    Date: October 2018

    View and downlaod a new and exciting application note – Vapourtec application note 62 cross-coupling with non stabilised diazo compounds.

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    Vapourtec Peptide synthesis Cycle

    Automated peptide synthesis

    Date: November 2017

    In a new white paper from the collaboration with New Path Molecular Research, we demonstrate how the Vapourtec R-Series can be adapted to perform high throughput automated solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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    R-Series Brochure

    Date: March 2011

    The latest brochure showing what the R Series Flow Chemistry System can do.

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    E-Series Brochure

    Date: August 2012

    The brochure for the E-Series explains the features of this ground-breaking entry-level system, the available models and the optional extras.

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    Date: October 2015

    Peer reviewed publications and posters showing work done on the Vapourtec system

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    UV-150 mercury photochemical reactor

    The UV-150 Photochemical reactor

    Date: February 2014

    For both the E-Series and R-Series systems an advanced photochemical reactor intended for continuous flow operation. Vapourtec’s new reactor, the UV-150 enables chemists to take full advantage of the powerful reactions and synthetic routes offered by photochemical reactions.

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    On-line, real-time analytics

    Date: May 2012

    The inclusion of on-line, real-time analysis into a flow chemistry platform can significantly increase productivity. The METTLER TOLEDO FlowIR™ is fully integrated with the R-Series system. Download the whitepaper to see how powerful the combination is.

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    E-Series lab teaching manual

    Date: February 2013

    Teaching the principals and benefits of continuous flow chemistry is now commonplace in Academic and Industrial settings. A 98 page teaching manual is available from Vapourtec. This datasheet gives more details.

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    E-Series User Interface

    Date: August 2013

    An overview showing the visual appeal and the features of the touch panel user interface supplied with all E-Series systems.

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    Vapourtec E-series Inert gas blanketing and organometallic kits

    E-Series & organo-metallics

    Date: February 2013

    A document describing the features of the E-Series that make this system the obvious choice for organo-metallic reactions.

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    V3 pump on E-series flow chemistry systems

    V-3 pump in detail

    Date: September 2012

    The ground-breaking V-3 pump is an important enabling technology towards increasing the range of reagents that can be processed in continuous flow. Discover what the V-3 is and how it works.

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    E-Series an overview

    Date: Auguat 2012

    In late summer 2012 Vapourtec launched the exciting range of E-Series flow chemistry products. This documents provides an overview of the E-Series, highlighting features from a user perspective.

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    Vapourtec High Pressure pumpng module

    200 bar pump module

    Date: March 2012

    Increasing the range of reaction conditions available in continuous flow is a key Vapourtec goal. This datasheet describes a new high pressure pump module available for the R-Series.

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    Cooled-column reactor

    Date: September 2010

    Column reactors are effective for reactions using solid supported reagents and catalysts. Now even highly reactive species can be employed using the Vapourtec Cooled-column. Read more.

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    Inert gas blanketing

    Date: July 2011

    Describes a new feature integral to all R-Series Flow Chemistry systems making it easier to apply an inert gas blanket to air or moisture sensitive reagents.

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    FlowIRTM Integration

    Date: November 2011

    The FlowIRTM enables a chemist to see the exact chemical composition of the output of their continuous flow reactor system in real time. FlowIR™ is now fully integrated with the R-Series system. Read more.

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    Vapourtec logo

    Vapourtec API

    Date: September 2011

    Vapourtec has introduced a new API (application programming interface) allowing the popular R-Series system to be controlled via a network connection. This adds a whole new set of capabilities, described in this document.

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    Dual-CoreTM Reactors

    Date: November 2011

    A document highlighting the increased flexibility of the new split coil reactor cartridges in offering multi-step cooled reactions at a single temperature.

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    R4 with standard heated reactor assembly

    PFA Coated Steel reactors

    Date: July 2011

    Fluoropolymer reactors are “metal-free” and offer excellent chemical compatibility but have limited pressure / temperature profiles. Fluoropolymer coated stainless steel reactors expand their working envelope, read more.

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    flow commander data logging

    Data from exothermic reactions

    Date: November 2011

    One of the well-publicised benefits of Flow Chemistry is the high available surface area and the superior heat transfer afforded. This document describes how the Vapourtec software can help to safely explore reactions exotherms and even quantify them.

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    Gas / Liquid reactions

    Date: May 2011

    The document describes a cost-effective reactor for gas/liquid reactions, offering the facility to control reaction temperature and feed in gas within the same tube reactor.

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    Open Access interface

    Date: November 2010

    The new Vapourtec interface for walk up use.

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    Vapour pressure chart - Vapourtec

    What pressure to use

    Date: October 2015

    A free chart showing what pressure is required for a given solvent at a given temperature to prevent it boiling in the flow reactor.

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    Solvent selection for Green chemistry

    Date: August 2017

    A free chart showing solvent selection for green chemistry

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    cooeld reactor vapourtec


    Date: May 2010

    Explanation of recent work with ozonolysis using the Vapourtec cooled reactor.

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    cooled reactor on E-series

    Cooled tube Reactor

    Date: April 2010

    Reaction control down to -70oC

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    Acid Resistant Systems

    Date: November 2009

    Introduction to the Vapourtec acid resistant flow system

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    Date: September 2009

    Explanation of this very important issue, and the unique Vapourtec technology that allows the user to manage it.

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    tube reactor visibility

    Biphasic Flow Chemistry

    Date: July 2009

    An introduction to liquid multiphase chemistry in the Vapourtec system.

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    education support 3

    Advantages of Flow

    Date: May 2009

    Quick summary of the main scenarios in which flow chemistry offers a significant advantage over a batch approach.

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    Solid Supported Catalysts

    Date: March 2009

    Use of heterogeneous catalyst’s in the R Series system.

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    Vapourtec autrosampler pacakge

    Use of an AutoSampler

    Date: March 2009

    Use of an Autosampler (aka liquid handler) to load reagents into reactions.

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    Flowcommander icon

    Flow Commander Software

    Date: January 2009

    Introduction to the Flow CommanderTM control software and its capabilities.

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    Fraction Collector Integration

    Date: January 2009

    See how the Vapourtec system integrates with a fraction collector for ease-of-use and unattended reaction optimisation.

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    R-series control detail

    Pump Monitoring

    Date: November 2008

    Explanation of real time pump monitoring and why it is so important.

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    Vapourtec RS-300 with fraction collector

    Benefits of 4 pumps

    Date: November 2008

    Outline of all the different approaches that are possible with a 4 pump system.

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    Flow chemistry

    Flow Chemistry ppt

    Date: February 2016

    A convenient download of flow chemistry information as a powerpoint ppt document

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    Flow chemistry

    Flow Chemistry pdf

    Date: February 2016

    A convenient download of flow chemistry information as an adobe pdf document

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    Software user manual

    Date: September 2020

    View and download the Software user guide

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    Pump module user manual

    Date: October 2020

    View and download the pump module user guide

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