The V-3 pump – Features

V3 pump on E-series flow chemistry systems

The Vapourtec V-3 pump – A breakthrough for flow chemistry

The development of the V-3 pump has enabled the creation of the new E-Series flow chemistry system. The V-3 is robust, very simple to use, and can pump:

Vapourtec’s V-3 precision peristaltic pump can also be incorporated into an R-Series system with the R2S pump module. The V3 pumps are capable of:

  • Pumping at 10 bar, with flow rates from 0.02 ml/min to 10.0 ml/min
  • Handling strong acids, bases, and organometallic reagents, as well as a range of gases
  • Generating smooth output flow across the full pressure range

A traditional peristaltic pump would be unsuitable for flow chemistry because…

  • It would not withstand the range of solvents and reagents required for chemical synthesis
  • It could not generate sufficient pressure
  • The output would not be at a smooth, constant flow rate


v-3 schematic

The Vapourtec V-3 features advanced control for smooth output

The tube materials are specially developed in collaboration with a major global fluoropolymer manufacturer, resulting in a pump that can generate high pressures and is compatible with synthesis solvents, acids, and bases.

A standard peristaltic pump runs at a steady rotational speed whereas the V-3 does not.

The exact rotational speed profile is complex and is a patented function of the flow rate, rotor position, and pressure.  The result of that behind the scenes complexity is total simplicity for the user.

Active BPR user interface - Vapourtec E-series

The V-3 pump can be used as an active back pressure regulator (BPR)

Simply reconfigure the fluid connections to one of the pumps and select (BPR) from the SETUP menu and the selected pump can be used to control pressure in the reactor system.

Click here for more information on active back pressure control

Simple to use

The Vapourtec V-3 is extremely straightforward to use because:

  • It will self-prime at the start of the day with the push of a button
  • The lack of any valves or sliding seals means that it pumps suspensions (or solutions that generate particulates while being pumped) and can pump moisture sensitive reagents without exposing any wetted parts to air during the pump cycle
  • It can pump two consecutive solvents even if they are not miscible
  • It’s easily dried when necessary
  • A low internal pump volume means rapid switching from solvent to reagent with minimal waste or dilution effects
  • It pumps air or other gases

The upshot of this is that the time to start an experiment from scratch is greatly reduced, making the system perfect for “taking a quick look” at a reaction.

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