Cookies policy

    What are cookies?

    When a browser connects to a webserver to request a page, the webserver supplies the page and may also supply a cookie, which is a small piece of information.  The browser may store this (depending on the user’s settings)

    When the browser returns to the same website later (or even immediately afterwards) it hands over the cookie and the webserver is able to determine from that cookie some information that is usually used to “recognise” the visitor from the previous visit.

    Thus the website can “remember” things like what the visitor has in their virtual shopping basket, or what preferences the user has set for how the web page should be displayed.

    If the user “turns off” cookies using browser settings, some functionality on some websites will not be available.   Some websites may force the user to re-login instead of remembering the user’s credentials.  Some websites may not work at all.


    By matching up consecutive visits, it is possible to determine how the user is moving around the pages on the website, whether the visitor is visiting for the first time or is returning, and other things which enable web site designers to understand how the website might need to be improved for better usability.

    Tracking Cookies

    Some cookies (not used on this site) are used by marketers to relate visits to different websites together, thus tracking a visitor’s movements and enabling information to be accumulated from different sources.  It is mostly abuse of this facility that the new EU Cookie law is aimed at addressing.

    So what cookies does the Vapourtec website use?

    For the vast majority of this website’s function, no cookies are used. However, to monitor website traffic and usage behaviour we employ Google Analytics which sets the following cookies:

    For more information, visit the Google Privacy Policy page (Note, this applies to all Google services, not just Google Analytics).

    In addition, users of the Vapourtec Knowledge Base will have the following cookies set for them.

    [hash] indicates a value that has been encrypted using an MD5 hash.
    [userID] indicates a unique system identification number assigned to all users of the Vapourtec Knowledge Base.

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