The V-3 pump – Active pressure regulator

The V-3 pump can be easily configured to work as an active back pressure regulator (BPR)

active back pressure regulator -BPR - schematic


Simply reconnect the fluid connections to one of the pumps and select (BPR) from the SETUP menu and the selected pump can be used to control pressure in the reactor system.  The benefits of using the V-3 peristaltic pump for active pressure regulation are:

  • The pump responds the measured pressure in the system.  Flowrate is increased or decreased automatically in response to the measured pressure immediately upstream of the pump
  • Because the peristaltic pump is acting as a back pressure regulator it is equally effective when controlling liquid, gases or even gas, liquid, slurry mixtures.  This is a major improvement compared with normal “passive” BPRs   where typically solids can build up eventually propagating a blockage
  • When operating as an active BPR, the V-3 pump will control pressure up to a flowrate of 20 mL/min
  • Maximum operational pressure is 10 bar
  • Using active pressure regulation, the accuracy of the pressure control is excellent, better than +/- 0.1 bar

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