Heated back pressure regulator – Features

The heated back pressure regulator assembly is a unique manifold for maintaining an elevated temperature through to the point of collection. Some reactions suffer from precipitation as the reaction temperature reduces. This is often an issue in flow reactors where tubing leaves the “hot” zone of the reactor and fluid  that is travelling through cools down and precipitates. Most flow reactions require back pressure to allow elevated reactor temperatures without boiling the solvent and to keep gas formed in the reaction in solution.


Vapourtec Heated Back pressure regulator

Step in the Heated back pressure regulator assembly. Capable of heating a back pressure regulator to 150°C and maintaining products in solution with melting points below 120°C.

  • For neat reactions
  • For products with melting points < 120°C
  • Allows BPR to be heated to 150°C
  • PEEK and Perfluoroelastomer wetted parts
  • 18 bar and 8 bar versions available to order

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