High temperature tube reactor – Features

High temperature tube reactor

All Vapourtec tube reactors contain a coil housed inside an insulated glass manifold. Temperature can be easily controlled by circulating heated or cooled air around the reactor. Coil tube reactors, therefore, do not need to be wound tightly round any sort of former to achieve thermal conductivity, so as a result have little or no physical stress and are also kept at a uniform temperature with no hotspots. This results in more precise control of reaction temperature and long reactor life.

All reactors can be switched in seconds with no tools.


High temperature tube reactor features

  • Ambient to 250°C.
  • “Post Cooling” tube to return products to safe temperature before re-entering PFA tubing.
  • Standard available sizes 2, 5, 10ml.
  • Material 316L stainless steel.
  • Hastelloy® C also available (2ml, 5ml, 10ml).
  • Outside of double insulated manifold safe to touch at all times.


There are a few safety considerations when using these high temperatures.  Vapourtec take safety extremely seriously.

Firstly, reaction products  exiting the system at 250°C can present a hazard so is recommended that

  • another tube reactor at a lower temperature is used after the main reaction as a cooling stage before products leave the system.
  • online quenching is used immediately after the main reaction

Secondly, to prevent hazards caused by leaks, should they occur,   Vapourtec can provide secondary sleeving that can be put over pipe joints and fittings to ensure that should a leak occur (or a fitting not be securely attached) any exiting fluid will not “jet”.

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