Stainless high pressure pump – Features

Vapourtec High Pressure pumpng module

High Pressure pumping

The Vapourtec high pressure pump module, launched in 2012, extends the range of flow chemistry considerably, allowing reaction pressures up to 200 bar.

This makes a range of chemistries possible that were not before, while retaining the ease of use and automated optimisation facilities that the Vapourtec system is known for.

As an example of the high pressure pump module capability, there are some very volatile solvents which at elevated temperatures would not remain liquefied, even at 50 bar. Dimethylamine (DMA), with a BP of 7oC requires a pressurised reactor to use it in the liquid state even at room temperature.
But with the highly capable Vapourtec high pressure module, it is possible to run a reaction involving DMA at 235oC. This application note shows how, with a system running at a pressure of 140 bar. View application note 32: High Pressure and Temperature Process Scale SNAr Reaction under Solvent Free Conditions using Liquefied Dimethylamine

Summary of High pressure pump module features:

  • Flow rate range of 0.05 ml/min to 10 ml/min
  • Pumping pressure up to 200bar
  • 2 pump channels per pumping module
  • Inert reagent delivery kit
  • Inert gas manifold kit
  • Full tubing kit in 316 S/S
  • Plug and play with R-Series modules
  • Integration with acid resistant (R2C) and slurry pumping systems (R2S) with lower pressure capabilities possible

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