R-Series software – Overview

R-Series software for flow chemistry and automation


Powerful automation

The R-Series software is an intuitive flow chemistry control interface that enables the chemist to get accurate data and great results from the graphs, tools and apps included in the package.

The R-Series software enables chemists to take a step further and automate the synthesis using automated collectors, injectors and samplers.

1 to 8 pumps are supported (piston, peristaltic, syringe), along with any reactor type, up to 10 in total. Use the powerful apps to automate your flow chemistry experiments!

Connect a range of manufacturers devices such as Vapourtec, Knauer, Gilson, Bruker, MT. Use tools such as OPC UA to automate the laboratory.

Data collection

The graph app built into the R-Series software shows real-time data and can make previous data available to view at any point. Responsive and interactive graphs allow the chemist to quickly zoom into areas of interest, for example detection peaks or concentration calculations.

A 3 view graph, 2 view graph or single view are available with a simple scroll. Data filters provide the user with a perfect customised view.

  • Multitple graphs
  • Real time data view
  • Autosave data
  • Interactive data


  • Bright data colours with selections
  • Data filters
  • Export to file

Use the filters to customise the data view, enabling fast analysis of conversion or reaction timing. Use the graphs to capture external device data and record it with your experiments. Export the data to a file for viewing later or as a CSV format. Get maximum visibility of the flow chemistry reaction with the graph app.

Boiling point simulator app

Use the built in tools for calculating the solvent boiling point at elevated temperatures or the correct tubing type for the Vapourtec V3 pump as part of an R2S pump module or SF-10 standalone laboratory pump.

The Boiling point calculator includes all the common laboratory solvents and allows a quick and clear representation of the boiling point at target process temperature. Use the tool to ensure the reactor has enough pressure to prevent boiling.


Tubing compatibility checker app

The Tube compatibility tool features Vapourtec’s unique library of reagents and solvents and is a quick look up table for the V3 pump compatibility.

  • Fast, clear apps
  • High quality data
  • Easy to navigate
  • Change settings easily
  • Prepare for the reaction with ease


Flow chemistry system diagram

Schematic tool

Use the experiment editor to create complex reaction networks and then export the graphic for your write up, or use the built in webtool to generate flow chemistry schematics.

Real time pressure app

The real time pressure app provides the user with a big, bright display easy to monitor from across the laboratory! The app features the pump performance monitor so you can be certain the flow rate you asked for is the flow rate you have. Includes the valve switching capability for the solvent/reagent valves or load/inject sample loop valves. Real time mini graph show history and tracks events.

License levels

Choose the level to meet your needs or upgrade at any time. R-Series software runs on capacitive touchpanel display or windows PC. Easily configure new modules, pumps, MFC’s and other equipment in the modules app.


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