R-Series software – OPC-UA server and client

R-Series software for flow chemistry and automation

R-Series API with OPC UA

OPC UA is an industry standard communication method for laboratory devices which enables quick and easy connectivity to high and low level commands by utilising a data server and client arrangement.

OPC UA is a built in feature of the R-Series software API package. The R-Series OPC UA server is fully functional and includes multiple nodes for connection to the reaction table. The API has high level and low level commands defined which can be mobilised via R-Series OPC UA  server and client. This enables control via python scripts, Matlab, labview, etc.



Vapourtec R-Series UA expert nodes

R-Series OPC UA server

The R-Series OPC UA built in server is the connection hub for entry to low level and reaction level commands, data and control.

The OPC UA server can connect directly to other OPC UA servers eg an HPLC system, or it can be connected to a dedicated client such as a Python script or an AI algorithm.

The architecture of the R-Series server is shown here for reference. The OPC UA server sits between the R-Series software interface layer and the ethernet hub, where other laboratory instruments can connect via their OPC UA server or indeed client.

  • OPC UA server built in
  • High level commands
  • Low level commands
  • System ID and versioning
  • Reaction routines
  • Reaction modification
  • Python script execution
  • Interface with AI
  • Closed loop synthesis
  • Lab of the future connectivity
R-Series software flow chemistry API layout

Control with the R-Series API

The R-Series API package includes access to the OPC UA server high and low level commands. A “closed loop” optimisation platform can be established using the API as the connectivity library. Closed loop optimisation is one example of how the R-Series can be used to automate AI based calculations and drive new reactions based on AI decision making.

The API enables the integration of an external algorithm or artificial intelligence to monitor, make decisions and new calculations based on the feedback and analysis from the flow chemistry system and other connected devices. This is an exciting area of research and the R-Series software enables seamless integration of the flow chemistry system into the AI laboratory of the future.

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