R-Series software – experiment editor

R-Series software for flow chemistry and automation

The experiment editor is loading below. Add a pump and reactor to create your flow chemistry schematic! Download to save the file.


Flow chemistry experiment editor

The R-Series software includes an experiment app which allows the creation of basic or complex networks of pumps, reactors, UV detectors and other flow chemistry equipment.

The editor has a range of “icons” that allow different elements to be assembled to create the experimental setup.

Experiments can be edited, saved, recalled and even loaded automatically by another device (see OPC-UA and the API)

1 to 8 pumps are supported (piston, peristaltic, syringe), along with any reactor type, up to 10 available.

Reaction control

The reactions app allows the user to easily program the desired reaction conditions. A number of variables can be programmed:

  • Independent reactor temperatures
  • Control pressure
  • residence times
  • flow rates
  • stoichiometric ratios
  • volumetric ratios
  • reagent location
  • reagent quantity
  • Reagent interval

Reaction table

All the control you need, easily add, edit or deselect each reaction. Use OPC-UA to auto populate the reaction list. Upload reaction tables using the CSV method. The reaction table app gives the most flexible, powerful reaction control for lab scale flow chemistry.

  • Load reaction data remotely
  • Edit and save reactions
  • Skip reactions using OPC-UA
  • Download reaction tables
  • Automate reactions with autosampler
  • Perform library synthesis

Flow chemistry concentration model

The R-Series software flow chemistry concentration model provides a clear graphical representation of the reactor concentrations “real-time” as the quantity and timing is adjusted.

The concentration model is also plotted “real-time” in the graph app so that the collection windows can be monitored and adjusted if necessary.

  • Real time view
  • Adjust collection window as needed
  • Highlight channels
  • Normalized concentration displayed
Flow chemistry concentration model

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