R4 Reactor heater / cooler module

    R4 reactor heater module

    Though the R4 heater is generally used as part of an integrated R Series system, it can also be used as a stand alone reaction heater.

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    • Excellent visibility. The novel design of the glass heat exchangers ensures the entire working volume of the reactor is visible at all times.
    • Precise temperature control. The true temperature of each reactor is measured and controlled.  Not only that, but the whole reactor is kept at a uniform temperature.
    • 4 Independently heated zones. The temperature of each reactor can be set independently.
    • Max temperature 250°C. For channels 1 & 3, the range is ambient to 150ºC, for channels 2 & 4 it is  ambient to 250°C
    • Max temperature -70°C. For channels 1,3 & 4, there is the option of a cooling module.
    • Accepts both column and tube type reactors. Reactors for either heterogeneous flow or homogeneous flow can be “plugged-in”.
    • Rapid response. Rates of temperature change between setpoints of up to 80°C / minute.   When cooling, a reactor can go from ambient to -70oC in 16 mins.
    • Active cooling, even for heated reactors. After a 250oC reaction, cooling down to a safe handling temperature takes approx 7 minutes.
    • Compact size. A single R-4 offers 4 independently heated reactors within a small footprint. Multiple R-4s can be stacked.

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