The Peptide-ExplorerLT is designed for scientists who need to explore and optimise the synthesis of linear peptides. The product is a high spec flow chemistry system adapted for continuous flow peptide synthesis of linear peptides. The product offers similar performance to the Peptide-Explorer with the limitation that automated side chain addition is not included. The benefits of this product over the Peptide-Explorer are i) Compact footprint, ii) lower price point.


Compact footprint

A key benefit of the Peptide-ExplorerLT is the small footprint.  The space required is only 107 cm (w) x 54 cm (d) x 109 cm (h), these dimensions include space for solvent containers and waste.

Low price point

The Peptide-ExplorerLT version of the peptide explorer utilises the same software and hardware as the Peptide-Explorer and achieves the same high purity date-rich synthesis.  By eliminating the additional hardware required for side chain modification the selling price has been minimized. However by purchasing additional modules your Peptide-ExplorerLT can be upgraded to a Peptide-Explorer or even Peptide-Scale-up at any time.

Peptide-Scaleup reactor loading


Synthesis scale 0.05 – 1.00 mmol

The system uses Vapourtec’s patented variable bed flow reactor (VBFR) technology to provide short synthesis times and the highest crude purity in combination with rich data from every synthesis.

Three reactor sizes are available with maximum working volumes of 4 ml, 9.5 ml and 21 ml.  These provide synthesis scale in the range of 0.05 to 1.0 mmol.



State of the art synthesis software

The Peptide-ExplorerLT features modern intuitive touch-screen software that includes a sequence generator. Simply enter the amount of resin and the loading, add the alphabetic amino acid sequence and the software will generate the optimised reaction protocol for your peptide including optimised methods for amino acids susceptible to racemisation and cyclisation.  Setting a synthesis could not be easier.

fmoc peptide synthesis


Fmoc solid phase peptide chemistry

The Peptide-ExplorerLT has been optimised to give excellent results when using the rugged and reliable industry standard chemistry; Fmoc solid phase peptide chemistry with DIC and oxyma activation.


Real-time monitoring

The Vapourtec fast-flow solid phase peptide synthesis (FF-SPPS) process provides high quality real-time data of a quality and resolution never seen before. Aggregation events can be identified not just to a particular cycle but down to a 5 second window pin-pointing when the aggregation occurred.
In addition, UV data is recorded by monitoring 100% of the wash solvent flows exiting the reactor. The UV data can therefore perform an AUC calculation that can be used to quantify the true amount of Fmoc exiting the reactor.


Linear scale-up

A synthesis optimised at 0.05 mmol can be scaled up to 30 mmol using the Vapourtec PS-30 pilot scale peptide synthesizer without further optimization.

As an example GLP-1 was scaled up from 0.05 to 15 mmol with identical crude purities at both scales.


Beyond peptide synthesis

The Peptide-ExplorerLT has been optimised for peptide synthesis. However, it can be used as a flow chemistry system for a range of applications.

By replacing the VBFR with other reactors from Vapourtec’s comprehensive range, the Peptide-ExplorerLT system can be used for fully automated small molecule synthesis.

Options include thermally-mediated, photochemical and electrochemical reactions, as well as using organometallic reagents.

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