What some people have been saying about the R Series recently.

    Vapourtec recently did some market research to see how existing users feel about the Vapourtec system.
    Here are some sample bits of feedback we received.


    About the R Series System

    “Good that it is so modular”
    “Very easy to use”
    University of Bath, UK

    “I’m a a big fan”
    “I would recommend it to other users.  In fact I have, many times.”
    Industrial User, Sweden

    “Easy to use”,
    “Very favourable impression”
    “Consistent, reliable”
    “Tubing doesn’t keep popping off like on some competing systems”
    “Manual ?  I’ve never actually needed to even look at the manual”.
    “Of the systems I have used, this is most user friendly, most dependable, least likely to clog”.
    Industrial User, North America

    “I like everything about it so far !”
    Industrial User, Canada

    “Really like it.”
    “Quite easy to use”
    “We looked at (and tested) all the available systems before choosing the Vapourtec”
    University of Nottingham, UK

    “The best flow system on the market right now”
    “I have recommended it many times !”
    Industrial User, UK

    “All our users really like the modularity and flexibility”
    Academic User, France


    About Vapourtec

    “Communications between our company and Vapourtec have always been excellent.”
    Industrial User, Canada

    “Really good to work with.  Vapourtec pay attention to university users, even though we may not have a huge amount of money to spend. I’d rather work with a smaller company like Vapourtec than a big worldwide corporation like <competitor name removed>”
    Academic user, France

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