The easy-MedChem – Features

Easy-Medchem flow chemistry system

Configuration Overview

The easy-MedChem E-Series is an advanced E-Series system. It comes with two different reactors, a collection gantry and an organometallic kit. It is aimed at chemists looking to explore chemical reactions and then do initial scale-up. Using an organometallic kit and the V-3 pumps, it offers a large range of reagents that can be used. The E-Series can be expanded by using other reactors, such as cooled and high temperature, gas-liquid or the UV-150 photochemical reactor if the reaction requires.

The easy-MedChem package includes:

  • An adjustable packed bed column reactor – ambient to 150°C
  • A tube reactor assembly – ambient to 150°C
  • User interface with manual control software
  • An Organometallic pumping kit
  • 2 or 3 V-3 pumps
  • Product collection gantry



The easy-MedChem E-Series comes with a standard heated tube and column reactor. As with all E-Series, the system is compatible with all reactors like the R-Series, which are all interchangeable in seconds. Other reactors can be found on the reactors page and include:

  • Heated or cooled
  • Tube or column
  • Regular or pre-mixing
  • Polymer, stainless steel or Cu / Ag / Zn tube reactors for catalysed reactions.
  • Gas / liquid reactor
  • UV-150 Photochemical reactor
  • Glass microchip reactors
  • 2 reaction steps, temperature controlled separately

V3 pump on E-series flow chemistry systems

The V-3 Pump

Simple, accurate and reliable pumping of all reagents, including

  • Volatile solvents
  • Gases
  • Great for organometallic/highly reactive reagents (e.g. BuLi, DIBAL)
  • Strong acids including fuming Nitric acid
  • Suspensions and light slurries
  • Choose from 2 or 3 pump system, or start with 2 and add a third later.

E-series manual interface


The easy-MedChem E-Series comes with a touchscreen interface, mounted at an ergonomically optimal height with full tilt adjustment. The easy-MedChem has an in-depth user interface and includes tools such as boiling point calculator, stoichiometry tool  and special operation modes for the V3 pumps such as:

  • Back pressure regulator mode
  • Oscillation mode

cold cryo reactor from Vapourtec


The E-Series base models can be expanded with a range of different accessories. These include:

  • An additional pump
  • Collection valve
  • Organometallic kit (for air/moisture sensitive reagents)
  • Cryogenic reaction kit

Each optional kit is user installable.

Details for the range of accessories can be found here

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