R-Series software – Python reaction scripts

R-Series software for flow chemistry and automation

R-Series Python reaction scripts

The R-Series API includes python script examples for a range of different control methods. We show examples for  automated control, such as flow rate ramping and temperature ramping. We also provide scripts for OPC client connectivity, ability to edit reactions and other useful control scenarios.

  • Execute manual control routines
  • Create custom reaction routines
  • Load new conditions
  • Poll for sensor data
  • Read reaction status
  • Control other lab equipment
  • Create custom graphs
  • Integrate with AI algorithm
Vapourtec Python example

python reaction editor

Add new reactions to the queue

The R-Series API package with python script examples include example scripts for auto loading new reaction conditions to the current experiment queue.

This is one example of using Pythion script to automate the R-Series flow chemistry system.

We provide the example scripts as a starting point for the laboratory automation architecture. Other script examples are available including an example of polling for the graph app data and using this to create remote data graphs for embedding into another program.

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