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    • Vapourtec SF-10 reagent slurry gas suspension pump front
    • SF-10 reagent pump vapourtec interface
    • SF-10 reagent slurry suspension laboratory pump with user
    • SF-10 reagent pump detail top
    • SF-10 reagent pump interfaces
    • SF-10 reagent pump front - with reagent bottle
    • SF-10 vapourtec reagent pump technical line diagram

    The Vapourtec SF-10 reagent pump


    The innovative SF-10 is a highly chemically resistant peristaltic pump capable of delivering smooth flow at up to 10 bar pressure.   The pump is intended for general laboratory use having applications in the following areas:

    • Precise reagent delivery into batch reactors, particularly suitable for organometallic reagents
    • Running gradients through normal phase columns
    • Control of gas delivery for batch reactions or degassing operations
    • Precise back pressure control in either liquid, liquid-gas or liquid-light slurry systems
    • Chemical sampling from batch reactors (e.g. for flow NMR analytics)
    • Controlled delivery of reagents for thin film evaporation or spray drying processes
    • Controlled delivery or reagents or aqueous wash phases for continuous extraction processes
    • Precise delivery of regents for continuous chemical synthesis or continuous crystallisations

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