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    ACHEMA – World forum and leading show for the process industries

    Date: 11th-15th June 2018 – Frankfurt am Main – Germany

    At ACHEMA 2018 (11-15th June, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) the new Flow Chemistry Pavilion will host the most advanced, innovative companies & knowledge institutes in the continuous manufacturing market, presenting an opportunity for visitors to learn more about this increasingly important topic! At ACHEMA 2018 (11-15th June, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) the new Flow Chemistry Pavilion will host the most advanced, innovative companies & knowledge institutes in the continuous manufacturing market, presenting an opportunity for visitors to learn more about this increasingly important topic!

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    PERCH-CIC Congress X: 2018 International Congress for Innovation in Chemistry

    Date: 4th – 7th July 2018 – Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort – Pattaya – Thailand

    Our distributors in Thailand will be exhibiting at the PERCH-CIC Congress X: 2018 International Congress for Innovation in Chemistry. This will take place between the 4th – 7th July 2018 at the Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort (408 Moo 12. Jomtien Beach Road Pattaya City, Chon Buri 20250, Thailand).
    The running theme of the conference is “Contributing Expertise for Thailand 4.0”, and in addition to the fundamental disciplines of chemical, pharmaceutical and related interdisciplinary sciences, many presentations will be aimed towards new innovation. The conference is aimed at fostering open and direct dialogue between research and industry.

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    Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2018

    Date: 9th – 10th July 2018 – iHUB – Imperial College’s White City Campus – London

    The Annual Meeting of the Dial-a-Molecule network for 2018 will be an opportunity to preview ROAR (the Rapid On-line Analysis of Reactions facility) aka Dial-a-Molecule Institute@Imperial.

    The agenda will include sessions specifically related to ROAR as well as sessions on each of the 3 main Dial-a-Molecule themes – Data-Driven Chemistry, Enabling Technologies and Synthesis College. An evening poster session, with wine reception, an exhibition and ample networking opportunities will complete the programme. The agenda will be published here shortly.

    Confirmed speakers include Prof. Jeff Bode (ETH Zurich), Prof. Chris Braddock (Imperial College), Dr Gill Turner (GSK), Dr Steve Djuric (Abbvie), Dr. Charlotte Willans (University of Leeds), Dr. Henry Dubina (Mettler-Toledo), Prof. Donna Blackmond (Scripps), Dr. Rachel Grainger (Astex), Prof. Mimi Hii (Imperial), Prof. John Blacker (University of Leeds), Dr Jordi Bures (University of Manchester), Dr Liam Ball (University of Nottingham), Dr James Donald (University of York).

    The meeting is free-to-attend, including, coffees, teas, lunches and wine reception.  Overnight accommodation is NOT included, however we intend to provide a booking link for nearby hotels in a range of price categories to assist delegates. A number of ECR travel bursaries will be available.

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    27th PhotoIUPAC Dublin 2018

    Date: 8th – 13th July 2018 – University College Dublin – Ireland

    The scientific topics to be covered in the Symposium include areas of unparalleled impact in the world today: renewable energy sources, green chemistry, atmospheric photochemistry, single molecule microscopy and super resolution imaging. The latter are key for biosciences and trace analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, and small bioregulators. With more efficient light sources and means to collect solar energy, there is an on-going resurgence in the development of photochemical reactions using flow process, which are beginning to make an impact in an industrial context.

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    256th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

    Date: 19th – 23rd August 2018 – Boston – USA

    ACS organizes two national meetings & expositions each year, and each one attracts an estimated 11,000 to 13,000 chemists, chemical engineers, academicians, graduate and undergraduate students, and other related professionals. During the meeting, scientists present new multidisciplinary research, hear the latest information in their areas of professional interest, and network with colleagues. Programming is planned by our 33 technical divisions that cover all scientific fields, secretariats that focus on multidisciplinary programming, and ACS committees. Each meeting will feature more than 7,000 presentations organized into technical symposia that highlight important research advances with over 250 exhibitors showcasing new technological developments.

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    A Celebration of Organic Chemistry 2018

    Date: 24th – 25th September 2018

    On Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 September 2018, influential researchers from across Europe and the US will gather in Belgium to present a series of lectures on the latest developments in the field of organic chemistry. This event, jointly organised by SCI’s Fine Chemicals Group and UCB, will celebrate the best of modern organic chemistry and will focus on the development of new methodology which enable the synthesis of complex molecules. The meeting will also provide a platform for early career researchers to share their vision for the future of organic chemistry.

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    International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology – IMRET 2018

    Date: 21st – 24th October 2018 Conference Centre – Karlsruhe – Germany

    IMRET 2018 sets out to become once more the “place to be” where new developments regarding all facets of micro process engineering and flow chemistry will be jointly discussed for mutual benefit.

    Since 1997 the event has demonstrated a variety of new applications in chemical engineering, chemistry, related disciplines like energy supply, and even more different fields such as analytics, life science and medicine. Yet, as each of the involved disciplines has seen amazing progress, the mission of providing an effective platform for exchange is even more important.

    15th IMRET will take place in the city of Karlsruhe/Germany from 21-24 October 2018, organised by DECHEMA e.V. with the support of the German ProcessNet Woking Group on Micro Process Engineering, the IMRET Steering Committee, and the International Flow Chemistry Society.

    IMRET has been established to foster scientific exchange and cooperation between chemists, chemical engineers, and micro systems engineers – altogether fascinated by the new opportunities that microfluidics, micro fabrication, and micro systems engineering provide for making chemical reactors and processes more efficient, more compact, safer, and ultimately more economic, as well as to enable novel chemistry and process conditions which could be hardly handled in conventional equipment.

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