RS-600 Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
50-1200C x 3R2C+ Acid compatible pumping module including tubing kits
50-1000 x 2R4 Reactor heater module
50-1009 x 2Tube reactor complete assembly 10ml ambient to 150°C
50-1095 x 2Column heater complete assembly including column 6.6x150AF
50-1705Touchscreen module and mounting kit
50-1700R-series software for 2 pumps
50-1702R-series software for 8 pumps
50-1120 x 2High temperature reactor complete assembly 10ml
50-1140 x 2Cooling module and connection kit
50-1141 x 2Cooled reactor complete assembly
50-1221Vapourtec autosampling and collection module

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