Flow chemistry products

    Vapourtec develop and manufacture a range of flow chemistry products and systems for benchtop flow chemistry. Please view the product areas below for more information.


    • Flexible |
    • Precise |
    • Automatable

    The R-Series is undoubtedly the most versatile, modular flow chemistry system available today.

    • Best in class performance
    • Easy to use yet highly versatile
    • Cited in over 1,000 peer reviewed publications
    • A proven design with over 570 installations worldwide
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    Vapourtec E-Series medchem flow chemistry system
    • Robust |
    • Easy to use |
    • Affordable

    The E-Series is a robust and affordable, entry level flow chemistry system designed for reliability and ease of use.

    • Versatile and robust pumps
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Wide range of reaction conditions possible
    • High quality yet affordable
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    High Temperature flow chemistry reactor

    The Vapourtec flow chemistry systems feature a range of reactors capable of handling strong acids, high pressures and extreme temperatures.

    Reactors can be switched in seconds with no tools.

    The advantages of the Vapourtec temperature control system are many:

    • Temperature is measured at the reactor wall so control is extremely accurate.
    • Because of the low thermal inertia, the systems moves between temperature setpoints extremely quickly
    • For PFA reactors and glass columns, the reaction is fully visible at all times.

    For more information on the range of reactors please visit the reactor overview page

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