Application Note 42 – Photochemical hydrogenation of a range of Nitro compounds


    This application note builds upon the previous application note 41’s exploration into green photochemical reductions.  The range of aromatic nitro compounds is extended, including the hydrogenation of a Linezolid intermediate (Pfizer brand name Zyvox), and demonstrating excellent adaptability for the varying chemical properties. Vapourtec’s efficient and precise generation 2 LED (Gen-2) is the sole light source used, allowing accurate and uniform 365 nm irradiation while providing impressive throughput. The optimized condition for each reduction is quickly achieved; residence time, concentration and reaction temperature are modified to maximize throughput while concurrently achieving close to 100% conversion to desired product.  The aim of this work was to showcase the capability of the Vapourtec’s E-Series when used in combination with the UV-150 photochemical

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