Application Note 58 – Visible light singlet oxygen


    In this application, the conversion of α-terpinene to ascaridole was used to indirectly detect the formation of singlet oxygen in continuous flow. The production of singlet oxygen in continuous flow was optimised using the two methods, and the heterogeneous photocatalyst stability was investigated. Once optimised, the singlet oxygen was used for the aerobic oxidation of boronic acids to phenols, and to degrade two environmental pollutants: bis-phenol A and cimetidine.

    This application note describes:

    • Production of singlet oxygen in continuous flow
    • The use of the UV-150 photochemical reactor for heterogeneous dispersions
    • Use of heterogeneous photocatalysts as slurries and packed beds in continuous flow
    • Easy handling of a complex flow stream of solid, liquid and gas
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