High power LEDs

High Power LED light source for the UV-150 photochemical reactor

Over recent years many research groups have demonstrated the unique ability of LED light sources to excite a photocatalyst and effect valuable and selective chemical transformations under mild conditions. Researcher Groups led by Prof. Dave MacMillan, Prof. Cory Stephenson and Prof. Steven Ley have, in many cases, demonstrated the potential to scale up these photocatalysed reactions by employing continuous flow reactors.

In many of the published continuous flow photochemical reactions throughput has been limited by available photons. Vapourtec have now developed an LED light source as a drop-in replacement for the UV-150 that has more than double the photon output compared with the standard lamp.


High power LED

Features of this accessory

  • light source for the UV-150 photochemical reactor
  • Integrates wth both E-Series and R-Series systems
  • Increases the throughput of photochemical reactions
  • Over twice the radiant power of standard lamps
  • LED inputpower 150 W
  • Radiant power 45 W to 60 W, wavelength dependent
  • Available in 365, 400, 420 and 450 nm LEDs


Application notes featuring the high power LED:

Application Note 66: 230% increase in throughput of a photocycloaddition demonstrated by Vapourtec High Power LED.

Application Note 71: Photochemistry – Process development and scale up to kilos / day

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