Flow Commander software – Application programming interface

Powerful application programming interface:


Vapourtec Flow Commander™ has the optional API (application programming interface) allowing the popular R-Series system to be controlled via a network connection.

This adds a whole new set of capabilities, which are described below.



Access to Simple High level Commands


The API permits high level functions to be invoked, while leaving the resulting low level activities such as pump control, valve timing and dispersion modelling to be controlled entirely by the well proven Flow Commander™ software.

For example, a supervisory user program can:

  • Add 1 or more reactions to the queue, specifying all parameters for each reaction.
  • Start (or stop) the sequence of reactions.
  • Monitor status in real-time as reactions are proceeding. Your application could interface to any analytic equipment to analyze the reaction product, with the conclusions being used to update the reaction conditions. The API would then be used to load and run the new reaction in Flow Commander.

System Integration possibilities


There are several scenarios under which you may wish to integrate the R Series as part of an automated system:

  • Automated closed-loop optimization
  • High throughput synthesis – integration with upstream and downstream processes
  • Analytical processes – integration of the R Series with other equipment

Architecture – Using the API


The API can be driven by any programming environment that can integrate with the .NET Software Framework, including LabView and languages such as C#. The Flow Commander Software Development Kit provided to API customers includes source code for an example application written in C#, and a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file parser that makes use of all available reaction parameters.

For more information on the API package for Flow Commander™ please contact the Vapourtec sales team using the link below.

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