Large diameter tubular reactor for rapid mixing – Videos

Biphasic Vapourtec Static Mixing

Vapourtec’s static mixer tubular reactor for strong acid resistance and volumes up to 20ml. This is a demonstration of the reactor performance.


Selective hydrogenation using a slurry of Pd/C and hydrogen gas

At Vapourtec we have made use of our patented V-3 peristaltic pumps, and new pressure regulation mode to perform a continuous flow hydrogenation with a heterogeneous catalyst pumping as a slurry.

Vapourtec Flow Chemistry Nano-particle synthesis

In this video, Ryan demonstrates the synthesis of nanoparticles of a spin-crossover coordination polymer using a procedure developed by the group of Prof. Chick Wilson at the University of Bath.

Vapourtec Flow Chemistry Biphasic Reactions – Stevens Oxidation

In this video, Ryan performs the biphasic oxidation of an aldehyde using methanol and sodium hypochlorite in the Vapourtec reactor for rapid mixing.

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