Ion electrochemical reaction controller


Ion reaction controller


This is a dedicated power supply designed by Vapourtec specifically for the control of laboratory scale electrochemical reactors.  The Ion reaction controller can be used for running reactions in the Vapourtec Ion reactor or with other 3rd party electrochemical reactors.  The Ion reaction controller has a wealth of features including:

  • Seamless integration with Vapourtec systems
  • Compatible with E-Series and R-Series systems
  • Logging of reaction data including, voltages, current
  • Either constant voltage or constant current whichever is lowest
  • Current range 1 mA to 5 A, resolution 3 SF
  • Voltage range 1.2 V to 36 V, resolution 3 SF
  • Accuracy 0.5% of the set point
  • Connection and logging for a reference electrode
  • Sparking minimised under short circuit conditions
  • Connection providing a safe earth for the reactor
  • Size, 120 mm (w) x 165 mm (h) x 345 mm (d)
  • Override switch to remove all power from the reactor

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