The next generation of electrochemical reactors

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    After months in development flow chemistry engineering specialists Vapourtec have provided a prototype electrochemical reactor to Dr Thomas Wirth, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cardiff University for, evaluation.

    The latest prototype offers a range of exciting features that will be implemented in the production versions including temperature control and operation under pressurised conditions as well as having the capability to operate with at least 19 different electrode materials including Boron doped diamond and glassy carbon.

    Dr Thomas Wirth, through his Wirth Group of chemists, will provide feedback over the next month and commented: “I have liaised closely with the Engineers and Chemists at Vapourtec in the development of this highly advanced electrochemical reactor. We are now in the process of evaluating the latest prototype and the wide range of electrodes alongside temperature control are very promising for advancing flow electrochemistry.“

    “This represents the next generation of electrochemical reactors and could become a key milestone in realizing the potential of electrochemistry. Through continuous flow major breakthroughs can be made,” added Dr Wirth.

    Vapourtec founder and MD Duncan Guthrie: “We’re very excited by the development of our electrochemical reactor and feel it will be a landmark for both Vapourtec and the field of electrochemistry.

    “The ability to operate with 19 different electrode materials is a game changer. The importance of electrode materials will be highlighted by Vapourtec’s Dr Ryan Skilton in the next installment of his blog ‘A Tube With A View’ due out on the 1st August.

    “This is the second prototype we have shipped to Dr Wirth and his team whose feedback during development has been valuable and has helped to define the increased capabilities that, we believe, will make this reactor a popular addition to chemistry labs worldwide,” added Duncan.


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