Vapourtec flow chemistry delivers in Barcelona


    The recent 9th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications, held in Barcelona, Spain, proved a great success for Vapourtec with significant levels of interest in the R-Series system and UV-150 photochemical reactor.

    The event also included a live demo delivered by Vapourtec research scientist Dr Ryan Skilton. Ryan demonstrated a biphasic oxidation using the Vapourtec High Flow rate pump module and Vapourtec Reactor for Rapid Mixing to scale up a liquid/liquid biphasic ester synthesis.

    A focal point of the event was the final seminar, chaired by Professor Oliver Kappe, which featured all of the speakers discussing and considering flow chemistry from a range of perspectives, from how the technology is being taken up in industry, to the challenges it still faces.

    Vapourtec systems featured in many of the presentations, particularly interesting was the use of an E-Series flow chemistry system demonstrating bromination in continuous flow, discussed by Wim Dermaut’s at Agfa materials.

    Vapourtec Sales Manager Stacey Crane commented ‘interest in Vapourtec’s systems and reactor technologies is growing all the time within flow chemistry. This meeting is a key event and an opportunity to meet new and old customers worldwide working in flow chemistry.’

    Vapourtec would like to thank the organizers for a very informative meeting and we are looking forward to next year’s event.

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