Using an autosampler


    Integration with an autosampler (a.k.a. liquid handler) enables the R Series system to run a series of automated reactions where potentially every reaction uses a different reagent.   This enables the system to be used for library production, or for evaluation of reagents or catalysts.

    Which autosamplers are supported?

    Gilson X271

    Gilson X241

    How does it work?

    The R2+ pumping module (the upper part of the R Series system in the picture above) features two “sample loops” (or up to 4 if extra pump modules are added).   These can be manually loaded with reagents in advance and are then automatically injected into the flow at the appropriate moment and fed into the reactor.   These are often used when an aggressive reagent is to be used that is not compatible with the pumps.

    (Click here for a publication showing sample loops in action, using DAST for continuous fluorination )

    With an autosampler connected, however, up to 4 of these loops can be loaded automatically, thus enabling the reagents on each reaction cycle to be selected from any of the available sites on the autosampler bed.   Loop volumes from 0.5ml to 10ml are supported.

    The possibilities this opens up are huge.   Optimisation is no longer just about a workspace of varying reaction parameters – it can include investigation of different reagents or liquid catalysts too.

    The system shown in the picture above is a combined autosampler / fraction collector, so the same instrument both dispenses reagents and collects finished reaction products.

    This means it is possible to use the products of one reaction as the starting materials for another.


    The following publication from the Ley Group at Cambridge University features this system in action.

    Microreactors for preparation of a family of casein kinase I inhibitors

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