R-Series software: Exciting new features in this month’s release


    In 2021, Vapourtec made the brave decision to replace its industry-leading Flow Commander flow chemistry software with a new user interface named R-Series software. The important reasons for this change were to:

    • Update the look and feel to reflect current technology trends.
    • Enable the best possible collection and display of data within the software.
    • Integrate a fully flexible experiment editor enabling the easy and rapid implementation of telescoped reaction networks.
    • Add an industry-standard OPC UA interface to facilitate the integration of the R-Series software with laboratory automation and analytical tools.
    • Increase the scope for library synthesis.
    • Facilitate peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.

    New R-Series functionality beyond the scope of the legacy Flow Commander has been released in stages.  This month we are excited to release R-Series software Stage 4. Here are some of the new features you will find in this latest version:

    E-Series pumps and reactors can be seamlessly incorporated into your flow

    R-Series chemistry platform

    Great news for Vapourtec users who own both types of systems, R-Series and E-Series! An E-Series can now be added as an extra module for an R-Series system in the R-Series software. This update makes the R-Series even more modular.

    It also provides the E-Series with a lot more functionality, including automation, industry-leading data collection and display, additional pumps, and OPC UA interface.


    New reactor type supported – CSTR

    The Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) has now been added to the list of reactors available in the experiment editor.  As an industry first, when using CSTRs, the concentration of reagents through the reactor network is calculated and displayed graphically. This ground-breaking functionality allows steady-state conditions to be predicted.

    R-Series software screen with a cascade of 4 CSTRs


    Remote desktop

    When using Vapourtec’s touchscreen interface, the remote desktop allows users to control and monitor the R-Series software when away from the lab. The remote desktop connection is reliable and easily configured.


    Improved file handling and security

    Many of Vapourtec’s customers have understandably stringent safeguards to ensure the security of data on file networks and portable memory devices. The following functionality has been implemented in R-Series software Stage 4.

    • SFTP: Password protected remote file management has been added.
    • Encrypted memory devices are now supported.


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