The rise of continuous flow biocatalysis

    Enzymatic reaction - biocatalysis schematic

    Biocatalysis in flow: a new opportunity for sustainability, efficiency and productivity

    Biocatalysis specialises in the use of enzymes to perform chemical conversions, and is often promoted as being cheaper, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than ‘traditional’ organic chemistry. Although biocatalysis is well established, the translation into flow chemistry has been slower until more recently.

    Our mini-review highlights significant advances in the field of flow biocatalysis through a range of recently published enzymatic reactions, where using flow mode often achieves higher yields, faster reaction rates, and better selectivity, as well as increased retention of enzyme activity when compared to the batch process.

    In particular, enzyme immobilisation has allowed the development of column or ‘packed-bed’ reactors. Flow systems from Vapourtec have been used extensively by researchers looking to exploit the use of enzymes within synthesis, with the modularity of the R-Series providing significant advantages.


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