Vapourtec Reaction Video Series

    Dr Ryan Skilton flow chemist - Vapourtec

    At Vapourtec we are not just committed to the manufacture of globally leading flow technology, but also to providing the best support we can to our customers.

    With over a decade of working in the flow chemistry industry, Vapourtec has accumulated a wealth of experience. To enable our customers to access this, we are launching an 8-part series of videos that show a broad range of reactions being performed using our products in our own laboratory. Each video in the series aims to provide a reference of the operational procedures and system configurations that can be used to achieve efficient, reproducible and safe chemistry using our products.

    So, tune in for our videos showing (highlighted videos are available now):

    • Suzuki coupling using a packed-bed catalyst
    • Selective hydrogenation using a slurry of Pd/C and hydrogen gas
    • Continuous flow crystallisation
    • Biphasic Steven’s oxidation using sodium hypochlorite
    • High temperature SNAr
    • Oxidation with singlet oxygen using the UV-150 and V-3 pumps for gas regulation
    • Use of Grignard reagents in allyl acetate synthesis
    • Lithium halogen exchange reaction using n-Butyl lithium
    • Nitration

    To view the videos click here

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