Vapourtec presenting at the Austrian Peptide Symposium in Vienna


    Vapourtec is proud to be participating in and sponsoring the Austrian Peptide Symposium in Vienna on the 1st of December 2022.
    The 11th AtPS will see another Bachem Award presentation for early career scientists (postdocs or junior group leaders) who have made outstanding contributions to the chemistry and/or biology of peptides in the three years preceding the date of selection.
    Vapourtec’s Research Scientist, Victoire Laude, will be attending the conference and will be presenting her work entitled “Synthesis of peptide in continuous flow: from optimisation to scale-up”.
    Victoire explains: “Solid phase approaches to peptide synthesis are attractive, however, challenges remain with batch synthesisers. Thanks to the implementation of continuous flow, SPPS is witnessing a new renaissance. Thanks to the quality of real-time data, difficult couplings can be identified, and different chemical strategies evaluated. When using traditional fixed bed reactors, the main challenge of CF-SPPS is to handle the resin’s expansion throughout the synthesis. Such reactors are used with no packing density to prevent increased backpressure due to resin growth, but this leads to inefficient synthesis due to channeling. To combat this Vapourtec developed a variable bed flow reactor.
    This presentation describes the key achievements in Vapourtec’s work towards gaining benefit from CF-SPPS using Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) as an example peptide.
    Among all the advantages continuous flow gives to chemistry, scaling up is a linear process compared to batch. Vapourtec addressed this challenge in peptide synthesis in 2022. Victoire will show an example of scaling up from 0.08 mmol to 2mmol of Semaglutide analogue and her presentation will begin at 4:45 pm, so be sure to be there!

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