Vapourtec Ltd to showcase innovations at ACS FALL 2023 in San Francisco


    Vapourtec, a pioneering leader in the development of laboratory scale flow chemistry systems, is exhibiting their latest advancements at the ACS FALL 2023 conference in San Fransisco, USA. From Sunday, August 13th to Thursday, August 17th.

    ACS Fall 2023 Harnessing the Power of Data is a highly anticipated scientific conference poised to delve into the cutting-edge realm of data utilisation across chemistry. The central theme of the event revolves around the transformative potential of data-driven approaches in shaping the future of research, innovation, and problem-solving.

    Keynote speakers, representing a diverse spectrum of expertise.
    Professor Heather Kulik will be discussing what artificial intelligence can do to accelerate chemical discovery. Dr John Jumper will investigate expanding the role of machine learning in chemistry and Professor Jeremy Frey asks “Will AI win a chemistry Nobel Prize and replace us?”.

    Meanwhile, at Booth 842, Ben Showell, a Vapourtec Field Service Engineer, will highlight Vapourtec’s new CSTR reactor and advanced R-Series software, demonstrating how data-driven approaches optimise flow chemistry processes.

    With a focus on supporting the scientific community, Vapourtec aims to provide valuable insights and resources in the field of flow chemistry. Attendees can expect an informative experience, engaging with experts who are eager to assist and collaborate. Discover how Vapourtec’s unassuming yet impactful technologies can contribute to research endeavours.

    This is an opportunity for chemists to connect, learn, and explore new possibilities in flow chemistry. Your presence at booth 842 would be highly appreciated by Vapourtec and their commitment to advancing scientific progress.

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