Vapourtec kicks off 2023 with a bang, achieving record-breaking Citations in January


    January 2023 has proven to be a standout month for Vapourtec, with a record 12 citations in peer-reviewed scientific publications, bringing the overall total to an impressive 946! This solidifies Vapourtec’s position as the most highly cited name in the flow chemistry industry by a significant margin.

    Vapourtec’s Founder and Managing Director, Duncan Guthrie, commented on the achievement, saying, “We are dedicated to working closely with flow chemists globally and incorporating their feedback into our innovations. Our cutting-edge continuous process systems, reactors, and technologies are making a significant impact in solving real-world challenges.”

    Vapourtec’s Research Scientist, Dr. Manuel Nuño, added, “The fact that our flow chemistry systems are frequently featured in high-impact journals highlights the exceptional quality and application of our products. The versatility of these systems is evident in their widespread use across various fields, including polymerisation, solid-phase peptide synthesis, electrochemistry and photochemical reactions, just to name a few.”

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