Vapourtec displays bigger picture

    Suffolk (UK) based flow chemistry specialists Vapourtec has recently enhanced its popular R-series and E-series systems with an enlarged touch screen and the capability for remote networking.

    The new look touch screen has increased in size from 8.4″ to 10.4″, a 50% increase in viewable area. Offering chemistry research labs across the globe improved flexibility, functionality and clarity of data.

    The remote networking function gives users the ability to monitor automated reactions from their desks, home offices and other external work spaces.

    Vapourtec Managing Director Duncan Guthrie explained: “We’ve responded effectively to customers’ requests for a larger screen and the result is a display that makes reaction data far clearer which will only aid interpretation and research outcomes.

    “In addition Vapourtec has become the first in the flow chemistry manufacturing sector to develop a networking function that will give our customers the opportunity to access the latest process data from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

    “It’s a clear indication of how Vapourtec continually seeks to innovate by incorporating the very latest technological advances into our engineering,” added Duncan.

    Researchers at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sydney in Australia have already welcomed the changes made by Vapourtec.

    Dr Catherine Smith, Postdoctoral Research Associate – The University of Sydney commented: “Networking our Vapourtec systems gives so much more flexibility when undertaking and understanding the outcomes of flow chemistry experiments and it means we can be constantly aware of and updated on the latest state of play within the lab.”

    Founded in 2003, Vapourtec is established as one of the leading global manufacturers of flow chemistry systems for a wide range of industries across the world including education and pharmaceuticals. The company currently employs 12 people in Bury St Edmunds (UK) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

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