Extend the Capabilities of your Vapourtec R-Series with the New Suspension / Slurry Capable Pump Module


    Vapourtec Announce a new Slurry Capable Pump Module

    Vapourtec have announced a new addition to the range of pump modules available for the R-Series™ system.  In addition to the standard, acid resistant and high pressure there is now a special suspension / slurry capable version.

    What Exactly Can It Do ?

    The new module has all the same control and data logging functionality as the standard pump.  With some additional pumping capabilities:

    • Suspensions and light slurries
    • Particularly suitable for organometallic reagents
    • Metering gases
    • Self priming
    • Strong acids
    • a R2-S can be added to an existing two pump system for increased capability

    * Note, the R2-S pump module has a maximum pressure limit of 10 bar.

    How Does it Work ?

    At the heart of the R2-S pump module is Vapourtec’s V-3 precision peristaltic pump. It’s capable of

    • pumping at up to 10 bar, with flow rates from 0.02 mL/min to 10.0 mL/min
    • handling strong acids, bases and organometallic reagents, as well as a range of gases
    • generating smooth output flow across the full pressure range

    A traditional peristaltic pump would be unsuitable for flow chemistry because

    • it would not withstand the range of solvents and reagents required for chemical synthesis
    • it could not generate sufficient pressure
    • the output would not be smooth, constant flow rate

    The Vapourtec V-3 (right) features advanced control for smooth output.  The tube materials are specially developed in collaboration with a major global fluoropolymer manufacturer, resulting in a pump which can generate high pressures and is compatible with synthesis solvents, acids and bases.

    A standard peristaltic pump runs at a steady rotational speed whereas the V-3 does not.

    The exact rotational speed profile is complex and is a patented function of the flow rate, rotor position and pressure.  The result of that behind the scenes complexity is total simplicity for the user.

    R-series flow chemistry system RS-300

    Above: The Vapourtec R-Series

    V-3 pump schematic - Vapourtec

    V3 pump - flow chemistry systems

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