Pilot scale developments from Vapourtec


    Following on from the success of the R-Series and E-Series lab scale flow chemistry systems, Vapourtec is excited to announce its move into the development of larger-scale equipment.

    Vapourtec has been manufacturing laboratory scale flow chemistry systems for 16 years, Vapourtec has over 500 important customers and our systems have been cited in more than 900 peer reviewed publications.  Once our customers have discovered their reactions work well at lab scale, and obtained valuable kinetic data, the next stages are to implement at pilot and then production scales. The decision to move into large scale synthesis has been driven by requests from many of our customers.

    Although most equipment is available at pilot scales, CSTRs, plate reactors, pumps etc. there remain important elements that are not readily available, it is Vapourtec’s intention to assist our Customers by supplying these important elements.

    To facilitate the focus on pilot scale, in November 2022, a new state-of-the-art walk-in fume cabinet was installed in one of the Vapourtec buildings at their Bury St Edmunds (UK) headquarters. This fume cabinet will be home to the forthcoming larger-scale projects.

    The first of 3 larger-scale flow chemistry technologies due to be released in Q1, 2023 is a 35 mm variable bed flow reactor (VBFR) allowing the R-Series system to synthesise peptides by continuous flow SPPS up to 4 mmol scale.

    Further technologies for 2023 release include an inert modular 200 ml plug flow reactor and an entirely new larger scale continuous flow SPPS system.  This SPPS project is the result of thousands of development hours and close collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company. The new SPPS product provides fully automated synthesis of 10s of grams of peptide giving high crude purity and short cycle times.   When released in Q2, 2023 this product will be the only reactor of its type on the market today.

    All these new developments will benefit from the reliability, robustness, flexibility, and precision that Vapourtec has become synonymous with, this unique equipment will provide robust solutions for the implementation of flow technology at pilot scale.

    Vapourtec is proud of its reputation for designing high-quality innovative equipment for the scientific industry and this move into larger-scale equipment marks an exciting time for Vapourtec and its continued growth and success for the future.

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