Expanding horizons with photochemical CSTR + LED module

    Vapourtec E-series with photochemical-LED-CSTRs

    Vapourtec has introduced an LED module designed to enhance the capabilities of their recently launched CSTR (continuous stirred tank reactor) and increase the scope for new reactions.
    The module allows the CSTR to undertake reagentless photochemical reactions and increases the scope of continuous flow photochemistry through excellent handling of solids.
    Each LED module has an input power of 70 watts delivering a radiant power up to 40 watts. The LEDs are dimmable in the range 10% to 100% of maximum power with wavelengths between 365 nm and 700 nm available for the photochemical CSTR.
    Vapourtec’s Dr Manuel Nuño explained: “The CSTR allows thermally mediated or catalyst mediated reactions in continuous flow using a cascade of CSTRs. Adding the LED module now provides photochemically mediated reactions. The LED module can be attached in seconds and requires no tools. Either one or two LED CSTRs can be powered from one standard Vapourtec UV-150 LED power supply.
    “The potential for exploring novel chemical space is increased by allowing the use of solid catalysis or by enabling reactions that generate solid products or solid byproducts, also the CSTR allows the removal of gaseous reaction products,” he added.

    Allowing for a photochemical CSTR cascade of up to eight reactors within an R-Series flow chemistry system that includes two R4 modules, the CSTR cascade is perfect for flow reactions involving solids and liquids.


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