Shedding LED light on photochemical research

    high intensity UV light reactor

    Suffolk (UK) based chemistry engineering specialists Vapourtec have launched a second generation LED light source (Gen-2) which increases the range of applications for its innovative, continuous flow UV-150 photochemical reactor.

    With flow chemistry processes increasingly replacing the more traditional batch approach within photochemistry, the rate of innovation and development for UV LEDs continues to grow with outputs doubling year on year.

    Vapourtec’s new Gen-2 LED light source is available at two important wavelengths; 365 nm and 385 nm with an input power of ~60 Watts. It delivers radiant powers of 16 and 18 Watts respectively and an efficiency of 26% and 31%. The previous model of LED at 365 nm (Gen-1) had an efficiency of 5% only giving radiant output of 3 Watts.

    Vapourtec MD Duncan Guthrie explained: “The use of high power, high efficiency LED light sources delivers a number of significant benefits including improved safety through low voltages and low temperatures, better selectivity due to precise control over the wavelength and higher levels of efficiency.

    “By launching the highly efficient Gen-2 LED light source, Vapourtec is continuing to offer the very latest technologies with its products allowing our system users to remain at the cutting edge of scientific research and discovery,” he added.

    Vapourtec design and manufacture flow chemistry systems for a wide variety of sectors including education, pharmaceutical and industry with their technologies used by all of the major pharmaceutical brands.

    Established in 2003, Vapourtec has developed a flourishing international market for its technology with sales across much of the world. Cited in over 150 peer review publications globally, Vapourtec’s systems lead the way in terms of flow chemistry and photochemistry research breakthroughs.

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