Equipment rental

    New for 2009, Vapourtec are offering the facility to rent a fully integrated flow chemistry system. This allows users to see in practice how the system can work for them before committing to a full investment.

    What is included

    A full R-Series Flow Chemistry system comprising

    • R2 Plus 2 channel pumping module with sample injection loop facility
    • R4 Reactor heater with 4 independent temperature zones and 250oC maximum temperature
    • R-Series control software
    • Standard tube reactor
    • 2 sizes of heat exchanger suitable for user with column reactors

    One days training at the start of the rental period.

    Warranty on the equipment.

    Optional extras

    In addition users may also choose to rent

    • An R1Plus extra pump module (giving 3 reagent channels in all)
    • An R2  extra pump module (giving 4 reagent channels in all)
    • A Gilson FC203 Fraction collector (*)
    • A Gilson 151 UV detector (*)

    Extra training is available on request.

    Any extra glassware (heat exchangers) or tube reactors must be purchased.


    Minimum Rental, 2 months, thereafter 1 months notice of cancellation.

    1 month free for each 5 months of rental.

    Should equipment subsequently be purchased, discount will be offered (amount increasing with length of rental period).

    Please contact Vapourtec for full terms.


    Please contact Vapourtec for details.


    Rental is only available in the UK at present.

    NOTE.  All rental items are subject to availability. A fixed number of systems and accessories have been set aside for rental.

    Items marked (*) are especially limited – first come first served.

    Get in touch

    For more information on flow chemistry systems and services please use the contact methods below.

    Call us on +44 (0)1284 728659 or Email us