Dr Nuño to speak at the Flow chemistry European summit 2023


    The Flow Chemistry European Summit 2023 is set to take place next week in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The conference will bring together leading researchers and industry experts from across Europe, Africa, US, and the Rest of the World to discuss the latest advancements and topics in flow chemistry.

    One of the companies exhibiting at the event is Vapourtec, a global leading manufacturer of continuous flow chemistry systems. Vapourtec’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Manuel Nuño, will also be presenting a 30-minute talk on the subject of “Continuous flow development – from library synthesis to solid-phase chemistry.”

    In a statement ahead of the event, Dr Nuño expressed his excitement to share his insights with attendees, stating: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to present at the Flow Chemistry European Summit and to share Vapourtec’s latest developments in continuous flow chemistry. This event is a great platform for researchers and industry experts to come together and exchange ideas on how we can advance the field of flow chemistry.”

    During his talk, Dr Nuño will cover a range of topics related to catalysis in flow, including examples of high selectivity homogeneous decarboxylative cross-coupling libraries that are difficult to reproduce in batch. He will also discuss the benefits of continuous flow solid-phase peptide synthesis, which offers the possibility to work at high temperatures, minimising cycle time and reducing the consumption of solvents and reagents.

    Additionally, Dr Nuño will showcase how suspended solids in flow can be handled as a slurry in tubular reactors, and how Vapourtec has achieved a 6 g/h throughput of an API intermediate in a 3-phase hydrogenation reaction.

    The Flow Chemistry European Summit 2023 will also feature an exhibition featuring companies (including Vapourtec) showcasing their technologies and product offerings in this space, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to engage and network.

    This event promises to be an exciting opportunity for researchers and industry experts to come together and advance the field of flow chemistry. With the participation of Vapourtec and Dr Manuel Nuño’s insightful talk, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and learn about the latest developments in continuous flow chemistry. Vapourtec will be in location E4 so make sure you visit them!

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