Double breakthrough in the same week

    ChemComm and OPR&D journal covers

    Two key publications released recently within the same week demonstrate the breadth and impact of recent innovative work within the field of flow chemistry.

    The two papers demonstrate improvements within photochemistry and peptide synthesis utilising Vapourtec’s recently unveiled photochemical continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and the pioneering Peptide-Explorer synthesiser respectively.

    The Baumann Group at University College Dublin published Multiphase photochemistry in flow mode via an integrated continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) approach in the RCS title Chemical Communications whilst Merck & Co., involving teams from Rahway and Boston, published a paper titled, Continuous-Flow Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis to Enable Rapid, Multigram Deliveries of Peptides in ACS title OPRD (Organic Process Research & Development).

    Duncan Guthrie, founder and MD of Vapourtec, explained: “We are excited and proud to share these two significant publications which describe important work using two of the newest Vapourtec products.

    “The Baumann Group used a cascade of Vapourtec CSTRs to scale a photochemically mediated dipolar cycloaddition to access underexplored scaffolds. The utility of the photochemical-CSTRs is clearly demonstrated using a solid base under continuous flow conditions.

    “This is the first paper published using the CSTR and also the first using the photochemical module for the CSTR.

    “The paper from Merck & Co is the first published by a pharmaceutical company describing work using Vapourtec’s fast flow peptide synthesisers and describes a continuous flow route to achieve a peptide based on a recently disclosed macrocyclic peptide inhibitor of PSCK9.

    “The Peptide-Explorer, with its variable bed flow reactor (VBFR), is used for synthesis at lab scale.

    “The route to the peptide is scaled using a combination of Vapourtec components and in-house developments.

    As the authors highlight; The paper is an excellent example of how continuous flow SPPS (solid phase peptide synthesis) allows small-scale optimization data to facilitate a seamless transition to larger deliveries of peptides. The key benefits include drastic reductions in development efforts, process execution timelines and waste generation.

    Subsequent to the synthesis described in the Merck & Co publication, Vapourtec has expanded its offering in continuous flow peptide synthesizers enabling their R-Series based systems to synthesize up to 5 mmol. In addition, the PS-30 pilot scale peptide synthesizer can be used up to 30 mmol.

    “These two publications reflect Vapourtec’s continual drive to deliver flow chemistry breakthroughs and will be the first of many for our expanding range of innovative products,” concluded Duncan.

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