Alfatech S.p.A to exhibit at the Italian flow chemistry symposium


    Vapourtec’s Italian distributors Alfatech S.p.A. are exhibiting at the Italian Flow Chemistry Symposium on 27th and 28th November at the Palazzo Greppi in Milan.

    Alfatech S.p.A, has over 30 years’ experience of providing specialised laboratory equipment to pharmaceutical companies and academia across Italy. Alfatech’s experienced sales and service team provide solutions, support and application development in all areas of sample preparation, chromatography and chemical synthesis.

    The symposium targets the expanding community of researchers engaged in flow chemistry and associated technologies. The event serves as a specialised platform for both academia and industry, stimulating exchange among chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists, and professionals from diverse disciplines.

    Topics include:

    -In flow chemical synthesis, including techniques such as electrochemistry, photochemistry, and bio-catalysis.

    -The development of multi-step synthesis and potential applications in API production.

    -The realisation of automated systems for medicinal chemistry and process optimisation;

    -The impact of machine-learning, self-optimising systems and novel analytical techniques in flow.

    Invited speakers include C. Oliver Kappe, Timothy Noel, Francesca Paradisi and Marcus Baumann, plus many more.

    At the event Alfatech will be showcasing Vapourtec’s  E-Series flow chemistry system plus an array of flow reactors. An event you won’t want to miss.

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